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Here are some photos of the city of Kraków, in the province of Małopolskie (Lesser Poland), in the south-east of Poland. Contact us if you have a photograph of Krakow you would like us to add to our page.

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Krakow  / Krakau / Cracow

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Kraków (Krakau / Cracow) has traditionally been one of the leading scientific, cultural and artistic centres of Poland, the former seat of the Polish kings and national capital. Krakow is considered by many to still be the heart of Poland, due to its history of more than a thousand years. Kraków is also a major centre of local and international tourism, attracting seven million visitors per year.

The old city of Kraków (Stare Miasto) has a rich architecture, mostly Renaissance with some examples of Baroque and Gothic. Kraków's palaces, churches and mansions display a richness of color, architectural details, stained glass, paintings, sculptures, and furnishings.

Among the most notable of the city's hundreds of historic buildings are: the Royal Castle and Cathedral on Wawel Hill, where King John III Sobieski is buried; the medieval Old Town with its beautiful square; Market Square (200 meters on a side); dozens of old churches and museums; the 14th century buildings of the Jagiellonian University; as well as Kazimierz, the historical centre of Kraków's Jewish religious and social life.

The Gothic St. Mary's Church (Kościół Mariacki, actually a basilica) stands by the market place. It was built in the 14th century and boasts a famous wooden altar carved by Wit Stwosz. Every hour, a trumpet call, the hejnał mariacki, is sounded from the church's main tower.

Kraków hosts many annual artistic events, including some of international significance, such as the festival of Short Feature Films, Biennial Graphics Festival, and the Jewish Culture Festival.


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